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The story of Bernhd. Brekke Ltd.

Bernhard Andreas Brekke (1854-1932) came from a shipping family in Ålesund and founded the Bernhd. Brekke Company in 1880. He learned his trade with Rønneberg and Sons in Ålesund and with the shipbroker Clarckson &Co,London. The Bernhd Brekke firm began by exporting butter to England, and gradually acquired considerable import agencies within the grocery business, iron, coal and coke.

Bernhard A. Brekke also ran a codmeal factory at Børsa and won several prizes for outstanding quality. He was a major shareholder in Trondhjems Insurance Company Ltd., where his son was the managing director.

Moreover he was on a lot of committees and an active tradesman with honorary posts and board membership in shipping, banking, industry and
finance. For many years he was a
public trustee in the municipality.

His main principle was to have 1/3 of his money in cash, 1/3 in mortgage bonds and 1/3 in shares in companies that he would do business with. Having debts was out of the question.

Bernhard A. Brekke was one of the founders of the Association of Trondhjem (Trade) Agents in 1902.
In 1929 he established the Bernhd. Brekke and Wife Fund, a poor relief fund, which he continued to support.